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YouTube Videos 6-14-14 now online!

When: Saturday, June 14th, 2014, from 1 pm to 4 pm
Where: Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort – 805-564-4333
633 East Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Map location on the 3rd floor in the Fiesta Room and Patio
Fess Parker is a great place to spend a day or two, business/vacation write off !
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1:00pm – 1:30pm – Complimentary Wine, Food, Networking 3rd floor Fiesta Room

1:30pm – 2:00pm – Dan Ringwald Introducing Vendors and Members Speak Up!

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Dan Ringwald – 805-967-6595 –
                                  National Home Buyers, LLC


Dan Ringwald will cover some of the following below as seen on YouTube Video

  • Credit – 24 Point Decrease in 30 Days! What is the Story?
  • GoToMeetings – FREE Real Estate Training up to 25 People per Meeting
  • NHBLLC – Rent Ready Properties
  • NHBig  Learn How to Wholesale Properties & Build your Team
  • Land Contracts – Owner Finance your Properties
  • Land Trusts & Randy Hughes – Protect you Assets
  • Living Trusts – Avoid Probate if and when the property owner die

2:30pm – 4:00pm – Cliff Gager – 760-892-0002 –

Cliff Gager

Cliff Gager – Real Estate Expert – will cover some of the following:
YouTube Videos 6-14-14 now online!

  • Real Estate weekly webinar
  • Online Real Estate Training Membership Site
  • Available training media
  • Wholesaling
  • Rehabbing
  • Creating your own financial freedom

About Cliff Gager:

Hi my name is Cliff Gager, and I began my journey in real estate way back in 1992. I founded a very successful real estate brokerage, a mortgage brokerage business, and a real estate investment company. I have bought – fixed – and sold hundreds of single family residential houses, made really good profits, and had a blast doing it!

Over the last 17 years I have been sharing my extensive experience with people that wanted to achieve their dreams of becoming real estate investors.

a few years ago I formed a real estate education company and was hired by many of the “TV & Seminar” real estate gurus, I was fortunate to be the “end result” of what they paid the gurus a lot of money for. Now the gurus hired me to teach their customers because I actually had the real world  experience and track record of helping hundreds of people just like you create successful and profitable real estate deals.

Today I have been away from the “guru – hotel ballroom – real estate seminar” circuit and all I have heard are the many stories about how people spent their life savings and beyond to achieve the dream of being a real estate investor and ended up very short of the guru’s promises!

These sad stories caused me to create the programs that I now provide to all of my clients. I bring to the table real training with real techniques that work for anyone that employs the strategies in todays market. I provide this at a very reasonable cost to allow everyone to obtain working knowledge without breaking their bank to attend.

This year I created an Online Real Estate Training Membership Site that provides all my available training media, at an extremely affordable price. I am constantly introducing new techniques and investment strategy methods that incorporate current market needs. By updating my materials on a daily basis, the members get real and true value since they will actually be able to apply it instantly to create profitable deals.

I absolutely love real estate, the opportunity it provides, and the joy of helping people like you make life altering changes in the way they will prosper in their financial future

Let me help you achieve your goals and I can assure you… you will be glad you did!

Going to this meeting?  Please RSVP Here or at Meetup

SBREIA Vendor Tables

We usually have about 4 or 5 vendor tables for vendors to display their business information and meet and greet out members to share their business services.  Vendor tables are $50 each and are about 4′ x 6′ provided by Fess Parker. If you would like to promote your business at a vendor table please can Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 to reserve your table before they sell out.  If you are wondering what the Fiesta room and vendor tables look like please see our pictures from our past SBREIA Meetings

The first half hour of our meetings are for our members to network with each other and see what investments strategies are working and what are not. Don’t forget to bring your business cards and any handouts you would like to promote and your list of very important questions.

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Going to this meeting?  Please RSVP Here or at Meetup