Gotta love those taxes so here are some resources for dealing with your tax and accounting issues.

Tax Planning

SBREIA Meeting 10-18-14 see Videos
2:30pm – 4:00pm – Patrick James – Tax Strategies – 800-217-2703


patrick james 4I am proud to announce our main speaker for this month, Patrick James, who is speaking on the behalf of Scott Estile.  Patrick was the speaker who a number of years ago lead me to my Tax Preparer Scott Estile.  Scott wrote the book Tax This.  I am very happy with Scott Estile and know that Patrick is a great speaker with a lot of very important Tax information through his own company that will be of great benefit for all of us.


Tax Preparation 



Dan Ringwald – I have had my tax preparation with Scott Estill and Stephanie Long for the past 10 years and will continue probably forever!

Check out Estill and Long –> Online Videos