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Legal Help and Education when you need it – Legal Help – Asks questions for FREE – then pay if you need it!

Ask a Lawyer Online – This will forever change the legal game!  It may seem like you rarely need legal help but when you do, as seen above is a real lifesaver and money saver.   I am using it and it sure beats $400 per hour and you get your answers now! Imagine having multiple attorneys online debating your questions and finally getting agreement on the best and most correct.  Yes, you high paid attorneys can keep your high pay and we will still use you but on a very limited basis.  When we do use you we will probably go to court knowing more about our case than you do and will get answers faster.  Sometimes we will represent yourself and not need an attorney at all.

This is just another example of automation as seen in Race Against the Machine.  This will forever change the legal game.


When you consider you are constantly writing and signing contracts you are using legal services every day.  The question is how good are the contracts you are writing and signing and do you even have any in place when and where you need them?  As seen above Law Depot has it all.  Just dig in and see for yourself.

You have heard that the good old USA has more attorneys per person than any nation on the planet.  You have also heard that making money is one thing.  Keeping it is another.  One thing is for sure.  Creating, owning, and running your own business will require legal help.  Just like Marketing all businesses need Legal Help.  If you fail to plan this in your business you plan to fail.  It’s that simple.

The SBREIA Legal Help page will continue to grow with the needed contacts and resources to help you gain the education and legal support your business will require when and where you need it.

Doug Michie

Doug covers some of the following in our SBREIA meeting YouTube Video

    • Grant Deeds
    • Litigation for Real Estate Fraud
    • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
    • And of course your questions and answers 

Michie Law Firm
1056 E. Meta Street #103
Ventura, CA 93001
Tel: 805-643-9500
Fax: 805-856-2211
About Doug Michie

We are proud to offer our members a local Real Estate Lawyer and SBREIA member!

We have be searching for a local Real Estate Lawyer for a long time and we have finally found one that meets and exceeds our exceptions. Doug Michie has offered, on a very short notice, to come and speak to our group. After looking over his web site you will be very please to have the opportunity for his services and to get some of those burning questions answered.  Heading into foreclosure?  Need help fighting your useless mortgage company?  Doug Michie spends the majority of his time doing just that!



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Mark Torok
Providing Legal Education and Services
Investor Survival Kit
Ring of Excellence
Ring of Influence

Ask SBREIA Member
Samantha Crisp
She has been working with Mark Torok
and can give you a good run down on the great services
he provides and how Mark has helped her business.  You
will find Samantha to be an important part of your team
while working on Mark Torok’s programs and services.

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