The Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association is all about education and networking for Real Estate Investors of all kinds.  That also mean is if all you have is time to invest you will learn how to earn income as well.  It’s a great opportunity to help grow your future and add value to your local community and beyond. When we say beyond we mean it! We are a local, national, and global REIA. To educate yourself on real estate investing you really need to be a member of a number of REIA’s and most importantly a local one or two. We don’t want you to go broke in the process so our REIA is FREE.

How can we be a national and global REIA? We put all our meetings on www.YouTube.com/DanRingwald so you can be in North Carolina or China and you still get a lot of what we have to offer.  The video above will give you a good idea of what Dan Ringwald and the SBREIA has to offer.  Of course you will not get the same level of personal networking and you can’t get those all important questions answered.  What you can get is a lot of in depth education from the videos and you can register at our www.Meetup.com/SantaBarbaraREIA group so can do some networking even if you don’t RSVP for a meeting.

We know you are interested in financial freedom and we can help you on your journey. Our main objective is to educate current and future real estate investors. Aspiring investors will get information and the mentoring to enter the investment market. Seasoned investors will have opportunities to network, partner, and find great deals on a local and national level. Contact the SB-REIA President Dan Ringwald at 866-853-0803 with any questions or services you would like to offer.

  • Our Mission

To bring the best in education, networking opportunities, and deals for investors of all levels through helping our local, national, and global community.

  • Benefits

Talk about benefits! Membership to the Santa Barbara REIA is FREE, except for the cost of attending meetings.  What you get for free is access to online training videos of local and national speakers, advertising and promoting your properties, your business, and networking with local, national, and global investors. In fact as an SBREIA FREE member you can list as many properties for as long as you like on www.NHBbig.com.

We have another FREE benefit for our members through our affiliation with the Community Buying Group.  Just click on that link and see all the services they have to offer our SBREIA members for discounts at Sears, Lowe’s, Rent Fast, and much more!

We are also affiliated with the www.NationalREIA.com and enjoying all the benefits they provide.  If you would like the added benefits from the National REIA as a member of the Santa Barbara REIA we are offering it for only $100 per year which according to the NREIA is the lowest price from any REIA in nation. Check out their benefits at www.NationalREIA.com/member-benefits and see all they have to offer. You do have to be a member of some REIA to join. Receive discounts on insurance for vacant properties, Health Insurance, Home Depot, Roto-Rooter, Officemax, FedEx, and more. Roto-Rooter now offers a 25% discount on labor for NREIA members. A labor bill for $10,000 would give you a $2,500 discount.  This will create a savings of much more than $100 per year. Contact Dan Ringwald at 866-853-0803 with any questions for these added benefits and then pay through the NHB LLC PayPal link below and we will complete your membership.

National REIA Membership Benefits for 1 year – $100.00

You can also pay by check made out to NHB LLC and mail to NHB LLC, PO Box 6093, Santa Barbara CA 93160-6093

President: Dan Ringwald – By educating and supporting each member interested in obtaining their personal and financial freedom, through investing, we are building the Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association and it’s members. I am honored to help create the SB-REIA, nurturing it’s growth with the support of others, until it takes on a life of it’s own. May we support it as well as it supports us.

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