Meetings – Coming Up – 2019  and 2020 Availability

10-26-19 Marriott 1-4 pm – Rusty Tweed –  Multifamily 1031 Exchange REITS

02-29-20 Open – Marriott 1-4pm
04-25-20 Open – Marriott 1-4pm
06-27-20 Open – Marriott 1-4pm
08-22-20 Open – Hilton 9AM-5pm – Linda Pliagas Realty411 EXPO
10-24-20 Open – Marriott 1-4pm

Past Meetings – Scroll down below to see them all the way back to 2008 more than 10 years of meetings and videos.

I’m Aiva – click me for meeting information

RSVP Registration Purchase – Speakers, Vendors, Attendees
Meeting Text Reminder – 1 per Month – 2 Days before the Meeting
Meeting Email Reminders – 4 per Month – before the Meeting

Meeting Calendars – Future Events

Meeting Locations – Most of meetings are now being held at the
Courtyard Marriott and of course we will still hold meetings at the
Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort – if our speakers want to pay twice the price for that location.

Number of attendees – 25 people – sometimes more sometimes less.
Speakers – if you want more people you should be advertising your speaking event as well.

Global Advertising – – from our videos, is what our speakers get, with a tax write off, and time to enjoy a beautiful vacation in Santa Barbara.  Our members and guests get FREE access to the videos and work their way back to the speakers and eventually pay the speakers for additional services.

Cost of SBREIA Meetings:

Members and Guests – Get in FREE! –  Bring in just 1 new Guest that has never been to one of our meetings and you get in FREE every time you bring in just 1 new Guest. First Timers always get in FREE to our monthly meetings. If you are an SBREIA Member or a Guest and have never been to one of our monthly meetings at Fess Parker Doubletree Resort you get in FREE.  Once you are on our list as having attended a meeting in the past then you can help support our mutual efforts of Education and Networking.
If you have attended one of our meetings in the past, and you are on our list, we know who you are, and we know where you live! 😉

Contest for Guests <- Click on this link and see – Bring more than one guest and you could win our Contest for Guests

Members and Guests – if paying – Pay Here
$10 online in advance or $20 cash or credit card at the door.

Vendor Tables – Pay Here
$50.00 – 
Those that pay first get a vendor table.  Those that wait for the last few days before our meetings can get a Vendor Table FREE if we have any left.  You will have about five minutes in front of the room to speak and we will put a video of it up on YouTube to help promote your business.

Speakers – Pay Here
Marriott – $400 – 2 hours – 1 speaker – 2pm to 4pm Saturday
Hilton – $800 – 2 hours – 1 speaker – 2pm to 4pm Saturday
This includes a Vendor Table and YouTube videos of your presentation driving more business back to you and your website for the next few years.  If you do not want us to video your speaking presentation, and put it up on YouTube, and you don’t want us to ask questions during your presentation, don’t sign up, it’s that simple.   We are only accepting speakers with integrity that truly want to share their success.

Booking Speakers – We book speakers via our NH Big Payments processing page which means those that pay first get booked.  This helps reduce the time we spend getting back to them, 5 or 6 times, in order to lock them in and collect their payments.  Once paid the speaker is locked in and guaranteed a date and time for the speaking event.  There are no refunds and if the speaker is a no show there is no credit or refund.   These payment help pay for the room at the event location.  All meeting events are videoed and put up on YouTube.  We do not video follow up, in depth, training bootcamps as those are speaker copyright material.  If a speak will not accept SBREIA to video their presentation and put it up on YouTube, SBREIA will not accept them as a speaker.

Santa Barbara is a small town compared to LA or SF.
Having our speakers not pay 50% of their sales will help reduce the speaker’s expenses when speaking with a smaller group of 25 to 35 people that we currently average as seen at the past meeting links.  Our goal is to eventually bring the average up to 50 or 60 attendees and stay at that level.  We have attended a number of A&E Flip This House, Than Merrill events, at Fess Parker in rooms that can handle up to 300 people.  The promoters of these events probably spent $4,000 or more on radio advertising and $2,000 or more on the rooms.  They usually only bring in about 40 people.  That is just an example of the fact that Santa Barbara is a small town.

Future SBREIA Meetings: Available openings for Speakers and Vendors:
Call or Text Dan Ringwald 805-680-2440 cell or email with any questions on booking events and see below for details on availability and costs.  As you will see below we are now meeting about every other month so the opportunities for speaking and attending are fewer.  You might have to be a little more serious on your planning and scheduling if you want to enjoy the fun while securing your financial future.

Meetings Past – Web Page Date and Video Links:

08-31-19 & Video – Linda Pliagas Realty411 EXPO 10
06-29-19 & Video
Randy Hughes – Land Trust Made Simple 
04-27-19 & Video
Charles Dobens – Multi Family Investing
02-23-19 &
Video – Ferenc Toth – Secure Estate Management
10-27-18 & Video – Reggie Brooks – Helping Real Estate Investors Grow!
08-25-18 & Video – Linda Pliagas – Realty411 EXPO 9
06-30-18 & Video – Ferenc Toth – Secure Estate Management
04-28-18 & Video – Cliff Gager – Real Estate Expert
02-24-18 & Video – Randy Hughes – Mr. Land Trust
12-02-16 & Video
Linda Pliagas – Realty411 SBREIA EXPO 8
10-28-17 & Video
Brett Fogle – Click & Grow Business
8-26-17 & Video
Sensei Gilliland – Black Belt Investors
6-24-17 & Video
Linda Pliagas – Realty411 SBREIA EXPO 7
4-29-17 & Video
Troy Fullwood – Pinnacle Investments
3-04-17 & Video – 
Dan Ringwald – Lease-To-Own
10-23-16 & Video
Paul Finck – Double Your Business in Half the Time !
8-27-16 & VideoKevin Sharp – Pintar Investment Company
7-23-16 & Video
Linda Pliagas – SBREIA EXPO 6
5-21-16 & Video
–  Clint Coons – Entity Formation
 & Video
– Coach Collard – Wholesaling Real Estate
3-26-16 & Video
– Scott Ulmer – Lease Purchase
2-27-16 & Video
SolarCity – Ross Berman – Tesla Owner – Sanjiv Bhalla
1-24-16 & Video
Randy Hughes – Mr. Land Trust
10-17-15 & Video
Lindsey Jean – Wholesaling – Jon Whitney – Far Infrared Heating
9-26-15 & Video
– Jim Banks – Probate – Jeralyn Sommers – Private Financial Inc.
8-29-15 & Video 
– Jim Beam – Lifeway Advisers
6-20-15 & Video
Realty411 SBREIA EXPO 5 – Linda Pliagas
5-30-15 & Video – Ivan Oberon – 13 Insurance Myths For Real Estate Investors
3-28-15 & VideoCurt Davis – Real Estate Wholesaling
2-7-15 & Video
Randy Hughes – Mr. Land Trust – Cliff Gager – Real Estate Expert
1-24-15 & VideoDr. Greg Tefft – Personalized Nutrition Consultants
10-18-14 & VideoPatrick James Booked – Tax Strategies 
9-27-14 & Video – 
Ben Walls – Invest America
8-30-14 – No Meeting – Fess Parker was all Booked up
& Video – Linda Pliagas – SBREIA EXPO 4
& Video – Cliff Gager – Real Estate Expert
& Video – Tony Martinez – Investing in Notes
& Video – Dr. Albert Lowry & Reggie Brooks – Your Mindset
& Video – Noelle Wheeler – Private Lending 
& Video– Kathy Fettke – Real Wealth Network 
& Video – Reggie Brooks – Abandoned Property
& Video – Jon Whitney – Far Infrared Heating
& Video – Sensei Gilliland – Analyze Markets
& Video – Bill and Dwan Twyford – Investors Edge University
& Video – Linda Pliagas – SBREIA EXPO 3
6-25-13 & Video – Lindsey Jean – Wholesaling Real Estate
& Video – Paul Finck – No Excuses Results Coach
& Video – Dmitriy Fomichenko – The Ultimate Retirement Plan
 & Video & Skype Interview – Sensei Gilliland – 4 Profit Centers
 & Video & Skype Interview – John Jackson – Lease to Buy
& Video – Stuart Lewis – SolarCity – Far Infrared Heating
& Video – Randy Hughes – Mr. Land Trust
& Video – Sensei Gilliland – Wholesale Investing Made Easy
& Video – Dwan and Bill Tyford – Short Sale, Foreclosure Summit
 & Video – Linda Pliagas – SB REIA EXPO 2
6-28-12 & Video – Mark Torok – Legal Services and Education
5-31-12 & Video – SBREIA Members Speak Up
 & Video – Wendy Pineda – Online Marketing and Social Media
3-20-12 & Video – Wendy Pineda – SBREIA Members on Marketing
2-23-12 & Video – Wendy Pineda – Marketing
Past Meetings Archives – Five years of meetings!

Cost of our SBREIA Meetings:

REIA Clubs –  Most take 50% of all the sales generated by the speakers.
We take 0% of the sales from our speakers for 3 basic reasons.

1. We do not want to promote speakers at the expense of our members.

2. Santa Barbara is a small venue for all speakers so their income on sales is limited compared to places like LA or SF.

3.  We do not want the Legal Liability.  If you get ripped off by Speakers we do not want to be a part of that and we accept no responsibility from that as per our Disclosure at our website signup and Disclosure posted on the door when you enter our meeting room.

Due Diligence – There is only so much we can do as a REIA.  We do a Google search on the speaker’s name and follow that with SCAM or RIP OFF and check the BBB for the speakers Ratings.  If the speaker comes up with lots of problems we do not book them.  That is the best we can do.  It is up to you to do your due diligence and that takes research.  We suggest you do not sign up for expensive boot camps on the first time you meet a speaker here or anywhere. I have be ripped off in the past and I am sure I will be ripped off in the future if I fail to do my due diligence.  Let’s work smarter not harder.

DISCLOSURE – Please read – because we are not a financial partner with any speakers, their educational materials, boot camps, or business deals.  We are not promoting speakers just to make money off of them and our members.  We feel that people running REIA clubs should know enough about Real Estate to be generating income from Real Estate and not from their clubs, members, or speakers.  In our opinion REIA Clubs should be a break even business offering a Community Service of Education and Networking.

Club Members are generally beginning investors, which makes up the majority of most REIA clubs.  It is our intention to have everyone pay a little so no one pays a lot which helps pay for the cost of the Fiesta room, at Fess Parker, $1,000 per day, food, coffee, cookies, advertising, staffing help, and other expenses.  If you are a successful investor/speaker you can afford to pay a little more for a speaking event which will help keep the cost down for our SBREIA members to attend these educational events, especially considering you do not have to give up 50% of your sales at our meetings.  This will actually help build the economy and it’s an advertising expense / vacation for the speakers.  Let’s face it.  We are in Santa Barbara, across the street from the beach and harbor.  You, as a speaker, are not singing, Oh ! Lord, stuck in Lodi again!  

Most successful speakers, at our events, take a day before and a day after just to enjoy their stay in Santa Barbara.  They also stay at Fess Parker and hold their 1, 2, and 3 day educational boot camps there too.  Those are some of the signs of success we look for in good speakers.  What we find most important in speakers is their interaction and support services over the next few years after our members have signed up with them.  If our members report back that their phone calls and emails were never returned and they felt they were just sold a story with no results we will not be booking those speakers back in the future.  We advise our students to do their due diligence on the speaker’s first and then the deals next.  All members should also read our Disclosure Statement.