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It’s FREE, No monthly or yearly dues or fees. You get Free access to educational videos from our speakers, networking, and more.  When you Join it puts you on our SBREIA Meetings email list.  You can also choose to be on our 1 Text per month Meeting Reminders list.  If you decide to unsubscribe from our 1 Text per month Meeting Reminders you will still be on our SBREIA Meetings email list which makes you an SBREIA Member and you still get our email messages. Once you unsubscribe from our email messages you are no longer an SBREIA Member.  The only time you pay for anything is when you attend one of our meetings at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort.  SBREIA Members pay a little and Speakers pay much more so we can break even on our Fess Parker Doubletree Resort meeting space.  Of course you can pay for some of the services we list below but don’t do that until you are real clear what it is and you want it and if you really need it.

To be an SBREIA Member you can be local, out of state, or out of the country. We accept Global members so you can be anywhere and enjoy the educational and networking opportunities. All you have to do is Join. This makes you an actual member of the Santa Barbara REIA and you only have to do this one time.  Just because you move away from the Santa Barbara area doesn’t mean you are moving away from staying on top of managing your finances so stay connected!

Posting your Deals to our Yahoo Group Investors – as seen in the drop down lists, under Contact, you have access to approximately 750 investors, for FREE!  Post all your property deals for Free on our SBREIA Yahoo Group and NH Big Inc Yahoo Group. When sign up for the Yahoo Groups you can choose to have no emails from them, or a summaries of them, or each and every individual email from the Yahoo Group so you do have a choice there too.

Hidden costs, fees, or charges – None!  We only charge door fees to our meetings and those fees can be reduced by signing up online in advance on our Purchase page or by signing up for some of the other options below which none of these are required.  It’s your choice and the best Investment is you.  We suggest you ask us and others before purchasing anything.

$100 – All SBREIA Meetings for 1 year

SBREIA Meetings are normally $10 paid in advance online which could be a total of $120 per year or $20 paid cash only at the door which could add up to $240 per year.  This is a saving of as much as $140 per year.  Contact Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 with any questions.

$100.00 – National REIA Membership Benefits for 1 year

Read over NREIA Benefits Flyer then make your purchase or contact Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 with any questions before purchasing.  We are affiliated with the and enjoying all the benefits they provide.

 $150.00 All SBREIA Meetings and National REIA Membership Benefits for 1 year

Given the information above you can see this is a savings of up to $170 per year. Contact Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 with any questions for these added benefits.

We are affiliated with the and enjoying all the benefits they provide. Talk about benefits! Membership to the Santa Barbara REIA is FREE, except for the cost of attending meetings. What you get for free is access to online training videos of local and national speakers, advertising and promoting your properties, your business, and networking with local, national, and global investors.  As an SBREIA member you have access to our Free Training programs too.

If you would like the added benefits from the National REIA as a member of the Santa Barbara REIA signup is only $100 per year which according to the NREIA is the lowest price from any REIA in nation. Check out the NREIA Benefits and see all they have to offer. You do have to be a member of some REIA to join. Receive discounts on insurance for vacant properties, Health Insurance, Home Depot, Roto-Rooter, Office Max, FedEx, and more. Roto-Rooter now offers a 25% discount on labor for NREIA members. A labor bill for $10,000 would give you a $2,500 discount.  This will create a savings of much more than $100 per year.

If you think you have already filled this out before here is how you can tell.  If you are getting emails from us and you see iContact at the bottom right side, you have already signed up in the past so you don’t need to fill out the form above, ever again.  If you look to the bottom left side of those emails you can manage your subscription, change, update, or cancel your membership. Once you have signed up you don’t need to come to this page, ever again unless you want to sign up for some of the paid services.  In the future you just need to RSVP HERE or at for all Meetings.  Check these links out when you are finished filling out the form below.