Free Training

FREE TRAINING – We all need a Mentor and it can be FREE
PAID TRAINING – Not attending SBREIA Meetings

Why are we charging some people for training and not others?  Because we want to increase the number of people attending our  The 1st meeting you attend is free and qualifies you for 30 days of free training after the meeting you attended.  Once the 30 days is over your free training time is over.  You cannot bank it and cannot save it for later.  Each time you attend an SBREIA Meeting you qualify for another 30 days of free training.  Meetings are $10 in advance online or $20 cash at the door.  You can get free training forever by bringing a new 1st time guest to our meetings.  That gets you and your guest in free and gives you 30 days each time you bring a 1st time guest.  That will give you free training forever.  Just make sure we make a note on the sign in list that you brought a guest and want the free training for the next 30 days.

Now that we have access to millions of people on through the internet, it is much easier for us to offer our services and access the services of others.  Your first thought might be, what the heck can I coach.  Anything and everything!  If you can sew or fly fish you can coach.  The important part is that you have a coach above you who knows way more than you in the area of your passion that you would like to coach.  You just learn from your Coach and pass your knowledge on to others.  You can even be an affiliate for your Coach by helping people move beyond you and up the level to your Coach.  There will always be people above you that know more and always people below you that know less.  Even those that know less can teach you things you didn’t know.  Coaching becomes a Mastermind Group for all involved!

Training by Dan Ringwald and Associates
NH Big Inc – Wholesaling Real Estate
NHB LLC – Rental Properties – Rent Ready & Turnkey Properties
SBCS – Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Computing Support
Personal Development – Making Goals a Habit and Going Green
Online Meeting Form – Tell us what you want in these Online Meetings! 

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