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The intention of the SBREIA Finance page is to provide some access links and general information on where to get the money and how to keep it.  I am sure you have heard making or getting money is far easier than keeping it.  We will continue to grow and expand on the SBREIA Finance page so that it helps you get the money and keep it.

Balancing our National Budget – Hal Mason
Now that you have looked over our National debt problem you can see why it’s so important to fix our personal budget.  Our personal budget will be directly affected by the National debt.  We need to be focused on the income we personally make and not dependant on what the government might give us or might promise to give us.  We also need to be voting for politicians that focus on our National debt and how to reduce it.  Now let’s take a look below on what we can do personally to balance our own budget.

Money Management – How to keep it – Video

Many of us would love to get an 18% return on our money.  We have a safe, fast, no risk, guaranteed solution that most of us don’t want to hear. Pay off your credit card debt.  If you are spending 18% or more on credit card debt and you pay it all off you have just gained an 18% return on your money by removing that loss.  Let’s look at a few ways of doing this and some people and companies that can help.  As usual we are not saying we endorse any of this or the people involved we are saying you need to do your Due Diligence and homework to see what you need and what might work for you.

Credit Repair – Green Path – 1% not 20%
Pull Your Credit
 – – It’s FREE

Dave Ramsey – Take Control of Your Money
Suze and Facebook – Money Management
Steve Rhode – Get Out of Debt Calculator
5 Financial GurusYou haven’t heard of
Landlord Association –  ARPOLACollect Rent, Tenant Screening, NREIA discounts

Money – Where to get it
Peer to Peer Lending – People lending money to each other without the normal banks

Prosper – 1,320,000 members and $338,000,000 in personal loans funded
Lending Club – Pay off your high interest debt with a low, fixed rate loan
The Gamble of Lending Peer to Peer – Good article in the New Your Times

Private Lending
Alan Cowgill – Private Lending Made Eeasy – Education 

Dan Ringwald with Alan Cowgill – Video
Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas NV baby!

Lee Arnold – Private Money Exchange
Cameron Dunlap – Fund A Flip – 888-845-5219
Kylie Hatch – Meetup Info – SBREIA member – Private Lending
Rick Reiner – Meetup Info – SBREIA member – Private Lending
Craig Maltman – 805-402-5302 – National Lender licensed in all 50 states – FHA, VA, and Private Lending
John A. Barnes – LostMyDebt – 916-267-9701 – Funding Consultant
San Diego Private Money – SDPM – 800-362-7940
CA Mortgage Association – CMA – Helping CA Private Lenders
American Association of Private Lenders – AAPL – Helping US Private Lenders

Hard Money Lenders

The Norris Group – CA Hard Money Lender
Aventine Funding – CA based Hard Money Lender
Mike Warren – List of Hard Money Lenders
Private Lender Link – Private hard money lenders

Mortgage Brokers

Santa Barbara & CA – Brokers
Loan Depot – Bob Davis 

Banks and Traditional Lenders

BanksSanta Barbara
RaboBank – Ida Pointer-Gomez – 805-967-0451 – Vice President / Branch Manager Calle Real Goleta CA 

Foreclosure help and Refinance

NACA – National Loan Program – No Money Down, Bad Credit ok, 30 yr fixed

Mortgage Rates

Cash Buyers

Dan Ringwald – NHB LLC – Request a list of cash buyers

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