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It’s FREE or you can use this link just to leave us a comment.  Indicate your areas of interest so we can help move you forward faster!  We are here to be your HomeKey  to Financial Freedom. What have you done for yourself lately? You are your best Investment so treat yourself to some Real Estate Education and Networking and find out how to earn while you learn.

One Text – Meeting Reminder  – when we have online webinars or training meetings, or face to face events with speakers and lots of people, currently on hold for now, thank you Covid-19, for speeding up all the new ways we work together and make things happen!  Gotta love that unemployment and those stimulus checks too!  We see all opportunities as multiple streams of income!

Next Virtual Meeting – Cliff Gager – Real Estate Expert – 12-12-20

The video above is a good example of past meetings!
SREIA EXPO 6 – Linda Pliagas Realty411
Dan Ringwald NH Big Inc

YouTube Monthly Meetings and Facebook – online all the time!

Meeting Location – Marriott – Goleta CA
401 Storke Rd, Goleta, CA 93117 – Map
Virtual Meetings – FB 2SBREIA  – due to Covid-19

The Marriott is where we hold most of our Meetings  and due to Covid-19 we have added Virtual Meetings – FB 2SBREIA
Our link shows the most recent information on dates, times, and locations, because they do change so please check and confirm.  Our main focus is real estate investing and we also look at all other types of investing, going green, health, personal development, local, national, and global.

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