Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider – REI Blueprint – Shared Housing

Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider – REI Blueprint
Real Estate Investing – Shared Housing – Video

Santa Barbara REIA – Video Chat Meeting
We know you will find the information in this video to be of great value and see how it will serve investors, social service businesses and clients of those businesses, buyers and sellers of single family homes and commercial properties, and fix and flip contractors.  We are building the teams!
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Location: Zoom Meeting
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Date: Wednesday 4-17-24
Time: 5pm to 6pm PST

Jason’s Video Message – Zoom Meeting and Shared Housing!

Information Covered: How to Make Bigger Profits and a Bigger Impact by Providing Shared Housing

● Which properties in which areas are ideal shared housing projects
● Whether it’s smarter to buy an existing facility, create a new one, or just convert one of the rentals or rehabs you already own into one
● Why you can choose to be completely hands-on, completely hands-off, or something in between, depending on your goals and skills
● How to get the money to do these deals whether or not you happen to have cash and credit (trust us, you CAN)
● Who the renters are that are begging for these situations, and who will fill up your property fast, and for whom you’ll be solving a huge problem (and you know we make money solving problems, right?)
● Real-life examples, with numbers, that prove that providing shared housing can triple your income and double the value of your properties

Hey there! I’m Jason Roberts, and I’m excited to be reaching out to you about joining forces for your next event.  Over the last two years, my business partner, Rachel and I have had the pleasure of diving into the world of Shared Housing with Real Estate Investment Associations around the US, and the feedback on my shared housing strategies has been fantastic. Check out this video showing just that!

Click on the video to see just how good this is and what’s in it for you!

Booking a speaking session with me, your attendees will learn all about unlocking greater cash flow. Picture this: We’ll walk through the ropes of identifying the perfect properties and locations for shared housing initiatives. Plus, I’ll provide insights on how to tailor your involvement levels, whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your members to innovative ways of maximizing profits. Let’s connect and discuss the details of getting me on board for your next virtual speaking engagement!

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