Training – from Dan Ringwald and Associates

Now that all of us in the world have access to millions of people through the internet, it is much easier for us all to offer our services and access the services of others.  Your first thought might be, what training services can I offer.  Anything and everything!  If you can fix a car, fly fish, or provide child care you can train, coach, and teach people what you know, especially through places like YouTube.  The important part is that you have a trainer above you who knows way more than you in the area of your passion that you would like to train others.  You just learn from your trainer and pass your knowledge on to others.  You can even be an affiliate for your Trainer by helping people move beyond you and up the level to your Trainer.  There will always be people above you that know more and always people below you that know less.  Even those that know less can teach us things we didn’t know.  Training becomes a Mastermind Group for all involved!

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