Personal Development

There are many roads to take when it comes to Personal Development.  We are including a few below as some of our personal favorites because we have traveled down these roads and found the people and solutions to be very effective at making major life changes for the better.  We all have desires.  The question is will we take the action steps needed to turn those desires into reality.  An exciting more fulfilling life we have dreamed of, actually coming true.  If you take on your dreams and goals with a passion and dedication to make them a habit you will be amazed at the results you will produce.  What looks like a lot of hard work in the beginning actually turns into fun.  Why would you create anything else?


Yes! Paul Finck did speak with our SBREIA Members at the 5-21-13 Meeting and we got the 5-21-13 YouTube Videos online for you to watch.  He is heading back our way so you have another opportunity to learn from all his great experience.  Paul will be in Las Vegas NV on Feb 14-16, 2014 and as an SBREIA Member you get Discount Pricing! <– If you didn’t click on that you better check it out!

More information on Paul Finck and his product discounts for our SBREIA Members can be found at the Personal Power Project. Need to work your way up to Paul Fink in smaller steps?  Join our GoToMeetings on Personal Development.