Space Base California

Space Base California – a quick preview!
Space Education and Entertainment is coming to Lompoc CA

Space Base California – Dan Ringwald interviews Steve Bridge

These are exciting times for Space Travel and Steve Bridge from Pale Blue Dot Ventures is helping to bring it to all of us much faster.  Not a movie, not virtual reality, but a real live Space Base California theme park with education, entertainment and more, in Lompoc California. You will be as close as it gets to watching the rockets actually blast off from Vandenberg Airforce Base!

Space Base California – Dan Ringwald interviews Steve Bridge on 2-14-24 Through the Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association
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The purpose of this interview is to educate the general public on the project, proposal, current status, location, facilities, function, impact, funding, and the opportunity for investors to see a good return on their investments in this early stage of this project. Space Base California will also help to increase real estate values in Lompoc CA specifically and generally the areas from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo CA.