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SBREIA EXPO 4 Meeting 7-19-14 now online –> YouTube Videos of Speakers
Hosted by Linda Pliagas Realty411 and Dan Ringwald SBREIA & NHBLLC

Interviews of Speakers and Vendors by Eric Googen of GoodEnvestors

4th Annual Santa Barbara Real Estate EXPO 4 – Public Shared Docs
As of 7-12-14 we had 182 RSVP’s !!!

When: Saturday, July 19th, 2014, from 9 am to 5 pm
Where: Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort – 805-564-4333
633 East Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Map location on the 3rd floor in the Fiesta Room and Patio
Fess Parker is a great place to spend a day or two, business/vacation write off !
Here are some other options as well SB Hotels

FessParkers top

Join us in one of the most beautiful and upscale coastal cities of California:


Known as the “American Riviera”, Santa Barbara, located 100 miles north of Los Angeles, features some of the most expensive real estate in the nation. This is one of the few places in the United States where $49 million dollar listings are not uncommon.

Our 4th Annual Santa Barbara Expo features TOP educators from around the nation who are flying in for the day to educate and network with our loyal followers from around the nation.

Last year, we saw guests arrive from many states to mingle in California. Fans joined us from throughout the state for the day.

This event is the Largest Real Estate Expo in the Central Coast of California and it is hosted by accredited investors who live in the area!!! Join us for the only real estate event that caters to the residents of the 7th Most Expensive ZIP CODE in the United States.

Your Hosts for this Special Expo: Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty411 and Daniel Ringwald, founder of the SB REIA. Both live locally and are committed to making this one of the most beneficial REI events in the nation!

Your hosts are both Accredited Investors who have a Track Record of Success as Local and National Investors.

Both have recently expanded their real estate portfolio as well.


Come Meet Dan Ringwald Your Local

Santa Barbara REIA Director!

 Dan Ringwald owns and operates a number of businesses. He is able to do this through his Coaching and the generosity of his Family, Staff, SB REIA Members and Volunteers.

National Home Buyers, LLC – Home of the Rent Ready and Turnkey Properties
Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association – Education and Networking
Personal Power Project – Go Green and Kick Gas
Santa Barbara Computing Services – Web Design, Media Marketing, Computing Support

Dan Ringwald started his investing career in 1978 owning and managing Real Estate. He now owns Real Estate nationwide building teams of Investors through Joint Venture Agreements and building teams of property locators through his coaching, mentoring, and the Santa Barbara Real Estate Association which he created in 2006.

In running his Personal Power Project business Dan Ringwald knows from personal experience having solar on his home and driving an all-electric Nissan Leaf that we have all been duped for 100 years. When you finally head down the path of Going Green you will see for yourself the huge savings you will gain and the Personal Power and independence that comes with it. Dan provides Personal Development coaching as seen at

Dan Ringwald also offers web design, multimedia marketing, and computing support through his business at Santa Barbara Computing Services. He gained his computing experience while working at the University of California Santa Barbara for 26 years where he created a computing support department in Kerr Hall. His claim to fame there was helping create the main campus website where he and his staff ran and managed it for 4 years along with networking all class lecture halls back to Kerr Hall for management operations.

Join Dan Ringwald and his coaching services and see how it will speed up the process of realizing your dreams and securing your future for generations to come. Do it Now!


Come Learn from Our Special Educators:

Todd Pigott,Owner of ZINC FINANCIAL, LLC

ZINC Financial, LLC is a leading Investment Rehab Lender. If you’re looking for a rehab loan, you have come to the right place.

They specialize in hard money rehab loans, and they help investors leverage their capital to acquire and rehab properties for investment purposes.

They are a DIRECT lender, so fast decisions are made right here. A rehab loan from ZINC is designed for properties that can not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan based on the current distressed condition of the property.

ZINC’s Investor rehab loans are designed to be closed in a matter of days, affording investors the opportunity to close their deal fast. ZINC Financial, LLC provides Investor rehab loans for investors in California, Arizona* and Nevada.

ZINC Financial, LLC Provides Unique rehab Loan Programs their ZINC “Investor Rehab Loan” provides investors with an easy submission process, fast underwriting and quick closings, and is designed for investors with special circumstances and special needs.

They will work hard to fund your hard money rehab loan in as little as 7 days. Using rehab hard money for short term financing is easy, fast and often times the only viable financing for distressed properties. 

Kaaren Hall with UDirect, IRA Services, LLC

Learn How to Take Control of Your Retirement

by Self Directing Your IRA!

Kaaren has helped hundreds of people self-direct their retirement savings. A native of California, she has a 16-year background in Real Estate, Property Management and Mortgage Lending. She has worked at such companies as Bank of America, Centex Homes, Pulte Homes and Indymac Bank. She’s held a real estate license in Washington, Texas and California and a Life & Health license in California.

Her company, uDirect IRA Services, LLC, offers self-directed education and services to investors, providing excellent customer service. Kaaren is a public speaker and master networker. A mother of two, she lives in Orange County.

Tom Wilson, Wilson Investment Properties

Tom Wilson bought his first property in 1971 in California and bought several investment properties through the 70’s. After thirty years in some of Silicon Valley’s pioneering companies, Mr. Wilson turned his focus in 1999 to real estate investments and development, while continuing to consult in the high tech industry. Since then, he has bought and sold more than a eleven hundred units, mostly in DFW, including three condo conversion projects, two syndications, and seven multifam properties. Currently Mr. Wilson is focusing on a program of reselling rehabbed and leased DFW and California foreclosures to investors. He is active in real estate investment clubs, and provides mentoring to new investors. His real estate investments provide his primary income.

Family life. Thomas K. Wilson is an eleventh generation native of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (1946). His mother was a schoolteacher and his entrepreneurial father and grandfather role models had fourteen businesses between them. After graduating from the University of Delaware with an Electrical Engineering degree in 1969, he and his bride, Weegi, a registered nurse, followed their adventuresome spirit west to the yet-to-become Silicon Valley. Mr. Wilson and his wife of forty years live in Saratoga, Ca. Their daughter is a veterinarian in Southern California. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are active in their community, church, and several charitable organizations.


Robert R. Rios with R-MAC Properties, Inc. 

“Why Americans are investing in Baja”

Come hear why thousands of Californians have retired in “Luxury on the Beach” in Baja California and why we are looking for Real Estate Professionals to represent us in California.

R-MAC Properties, Inc. is an established International Real Estate Development & Marketing Company founded by two real estate brokers whose primary concern is meeting their client’s wants and needs with the highest level of professionalism.

15 years ago, R-MAC co-founders Robert R. Rios and Michael Cresci set forth to build an organization that followed this philosophy. Now, after years of experience and record sales in the Baja region, R-MAC is considered by many to be the best in the industry. The partners now strive to have
their company continue to evolve and grow with the changing times.

R -MAC’s success is due, in part, to the hard work and dedication of many sales professionals who made every effort to make the organization’s dream a reality. This commitment has allowed R -MAC to reach a pinnacle of success that many thought could never be achieved south of the border.

R-MAC Properties, Inc. is the ideal place to hang your real estate license. Millions of dollars in sellable inventory, exotic, water-enhanced locations, a fun and professional work environment and great income potential are just a few of the reasons to join the team.

“Nobody else in our industry is doing what we are,” says Cresci., This is not just any other real estate agency. “We have over 30 years in the field. We continue to walk in the same shoes as our sales agents and wouldn’t ask them to do anything that we don’t do ourselves,” says Rios, who is also the company sales trainer. “R-MAC is the company that will back you through every step of the process in today’s ever-changing marketplace.”

If you are searching for a rewarding career change that allows for a real six figure income potential, then come see for yourself why we are considered to be one of the greatest finds in the real estate market today.

We leave you with the same words we share with our valued customers: “Give us just a few minutes to show you what we’ve got to offer and we may just change your life.”



 Mingle with Vendors/Brokers/Wholesalers

& Property Managers From TOP MARKETS!

Also featuring great DEALS in CA

Come Mingle with Local REIAs

Network with Local and Out-of-Town Investors, Area Business Owners

& Real Estate Industry Leaders Joining Us for a One Special Day!

Realty411/reWealth magazine are available online on 16 websites & reaches investors, brokers & high-net worth individuals around the U.S. and abroad. Our print magazines can be found in Whole Foods Markets & REIA clubs.
Why Attend Our Real Estate Event?

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 Here is a video from our last event, here’s why you should attend.


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Our free publications are distributed through real estate clubs, cash flow groups, on newsstands, high-end grocers (such as Whole Foods Markets), libraries, private country clubs and real estate events and expos.

Plus, it is available online for FREE on approximately 16 websites.Currently, the publishers own a real estate portfolio and have owned rentals in five states thus far.

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Please Get Ticket Above or Call: 310.499.9545

Look at our video below to see how great our events are! See you there!


Meet the Publisher:

 Linda Pliagas, Licensed California Agent and National Investor

Hello, thanks for connecting with us! I’d like to tell you a bit about me. In addition to my career as a real estate investor and publisher, I am also a licensed real estate agent in California and produce free real estate expos around the state and throughout the nation. Please join us for our events!

Come discover techniques that can help YOU understand real estate and skyrocket your portfolio.

This event will offer information on a variety of niches, plus fantastic networking. Our events are responsible for bringing together the TOP leaders of real estate. Many people often end up doing business with the people they meet at our events around the country.

TRUE STORY HOW I FOUND $$$: I met my own personal private lender at one of my events in California, he lent me $150K to close my last deal for half a million dollars. 

In fact, I have purchased three single family rehab properties in California in the past 18 months totaling $1.5 million, pretty good for someone who put themselves through college by waiting tables – I come from humble beginnings, trust me!

SAMPLE DEAL IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY: Purchased 3/2 property in Santa Ynez Valley for $435K;  Trustee sale, we beat 3 other offers, including one priced higher! My husband and I invested $18,000 into the rehab and we just got a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) only 7 months later for $650,000.That’s $197K Gross Profit!!**

My favorite part of the deal? I used the same tile man that Oprah Winfrey hires… WOW!!

Our national events have reached THOUSANDS of investors around the country and in California. We work with the top REIA and independent real estate clubs around the world. I personally attend many clubs including my local Santa Barbara REIA.  I’ve been landlording for 20 years and I have a wealth of knowledge, so my mission is to help others gain the confidence, information and resources they need to succeed in real estate.

I hope you can join us, please come say hello to me!

Linda’s Credientials in Real Estate & Media:

* Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Journalism, CSULB

* Licensed real estate agent for 11 years plus

* Landlord for over 20 years / Accredited National Investor

* Linda and her husband also own the oldest clock/watch antique restoration

shop in Santa Barbara County with an international high net worth clientele.


1. First be sure to rent a car and drive through the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway Alternatively, you may also take the 405 North to the 101 North, this route is much faster albeit not as breathtaking.

2. Guests may take the AIR BUS which is a bus service from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Santa Barbara. Be sure to let them know you are going to the Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel so they can drop you off at the nearest location possible.

3. We have discounted rooms available at the Fess Parker for our guests HOWEVER, they are almost booked. Regular price is $429, plus tax. To sign up for this special rate, please call Kathy at the events division of the Fess Parker.

Direct (805) 884 8504 | Fax (805) 962 8198
633 E. Cabrillo Blvd. | Santa Barbara, CA 93103 |

4. Guests may also stay in a nearby hotel, please follow this link for more information:

ATTENTION ALL ATTENDEES: Realty411, RE Wealth, and Cashflow Express events/expos/mixers are for informational and entertainment purposes ONLY. Please be aware that real estate investing isVERY RISKY and could result in a loss of capital. Please do detailed due diligence before investing capital with any company in real estate and/or any other industry. By attending these events you acknowledge real estate has risks and responsibilities, in addition to rewards, and agree to take full responsibility for any and all decisions made. Thank you.

**These results are not typical and should not be attempted by novice investors.


Who Are We? Who do we do business with?

Since 2008, our events have attracted phenomenal companies.

Our vendors at our San Diego Real Estate Expo in January 2014, included:

REI Wealth Monthly, San Diego Creative Investors Association (SDCIA), Black Belt Investors, Los Angeles & Asian Real Estate Investors group (LAREIA), The Start Up with Art Valenzuela, HomeVestors, REI Expo, An Empowered Woman, Financial Momentum, uDirect IRA Services, Memphis Invest and Dallas Invest,, Hanover Equity Group, MOR Financial, IRA Services Trust, Ignite Expo, Rich in Five, The Entrust Group, Wasatch REIA, Realty411 Magazine, Flipping Houses Bus Tour, First 100 Homes, CashFlow Express, The Falls Event Centers, MOR Synergy and Many, Many Others

 CONTACT US TO BE A VENDOR: 805.693.1497

or email us directly at:

Have questions about 4th Annual Santa Barbara Real Estate Expo hosted by Realty411 & SB REIA?Contact Realty411 Media



4th Annual Santa Barbara Real Estate Schedule

9 am – Welcome Message / Introductions

9: 30 am – 10:30 am GOLD SPONSOR – Todd Pigott, Zinc Financial

10:30 am – 11:20 am – Kaaren Hall –

Networking Break | Mingle with Vendors

11:35 pm – 12:05 pm – Robert Rios – R-Mac Properties

Networking Break | Mingle with Vendors

12:40 pm – 1:40 pm – Tom Wilson – Wilson Investment Properties

1:40 to 2:40 pm – Dan Ringwald – SB REIA EXPO 4 Host
NHBig GoToMeeting Coaching

Networking Break | Mingle with Vendors

3:00 to 3:45 pm – Merril Chandler – Credit Sense – Raise Your Score!

3:45 to 4:15 pm – Cherif Medawar – President at CMREI

Networking Continues After until 6 pm ~ Mingle More!

4th Annual Santa Barbara REIA
Real Estate Expo 2014 Information

Thank you for joining us for next Saturday’s expo in beautiful Santa Barbara, Calif. We are very excited about this event.  Below is some information that will help you prepare for the expo. Please review, thank you.

Expo Date: Saturday, July 19th

Expo Times: 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday

Expo Venue is:
The Fess Parker Santa Barbara Hotel – A DoubleTree by Hilton Resort
633 E Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Our event will feature a six foot vendor booth with a white tablecloth. Speakers please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive to make it easy for us. Daniel Ringwald, director of the SBREIA, will be assisting speakers. Dan will provide the projector, Laptop Computer Windows 7, you can bring a Mac and we can make that work, Memory Stick, Sound, and Linda has arranged for a Screen.

Speakers: You may also utilize your own computer for your presentation.
Please be sure to leave the floor when your time is up so that we do not cause a delay or go off schedule. We have many speakers and have a lot of information to share. Our goal is for guests to mingle with you directly by visiting you at your company’s booth.

Our event starts at 9 am, please begin to set up by 8:15 am. Even if our guests don’t arrive until later, this free time creates a perfect opportunity to network with the many sponsors we have to increase your business contacts.

Our event starts at 9 am. Vendors must be there until 5 pm Saturday. If you must leave early, kindly let us know so we can decorate your booth with our information, we don’t like to have empty tables.

We are choosing the booth locations ourselves to position the vendors as best as we can. Please let us know if you have an area preference, but we cannot guarantee a certain location, thank you.

MIXER: We normally enjoy meeting at the hotel lounge after the event to mingle and network. Please join us for a no-host cocktail mixer in the Hotel Lounge after the event on Saturday.

To make this event memorable, PLEASE bring a small gift from your company to raffle. A book about finance/investing or motivation makes a great souvenir.

Having something to raffle also entices guests to give their contact information to you, so that a follow up call can be done later. Please bring a company T-shirt, money tree, or some other small gift.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you.

We are accessible for you for any questions, concerns or comments:
ph: 310-994-1962 or