Wendy Pineda Marketing Class

Wendy Pineda All Day Online Marketing and Social Media Class
Date: April 14th, 2012 – Saturday – 10am to 5pm
Location: The Center of the Heart
487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Wendy Pineda – Marketing Class – now only $25 at the door

This is a ROOM CHARGE not a class charge and it’s discounted if you pay in advance here through the Paypal link.  Sorry, there is no refund if you pay and don’t show up.  This link will stop accepting online payments on Thursday 4-12-12 so we can update our registration list for any door charges.  At that point paying $25 per person at the door will be your only option for entering the class.

Wendy Pineda – All Day Online Marketing and Social Media Class is still FREE.

We do need to cover the cost of renting the room for the day from The Center of the Heart which is $250.00.  I am sure the last thing we all want to do is drive to LA for her class to avoid the room charge.  The gas alone would be more than that.  This will be our only SBREIA meeting for the month of April.  Please consider this to be a combination meeting where you would have paid $10 anyway.  Dan Ringwald will present a little real estate information at the beginning and then Wendy will spend the day teaching, in great detail, her information on Online Marketing and Social Media

If you made it to Wendy’s two hour preview at Fess Parker then you know she will pack the day, and our heads, with a lot of information.  I was concerned about the amount of note taking that would be required to retain all of this so I talked Wendy into letting my son Michael and me video this class.  Wendy will have the rights to all videos and will make them available online in the near future, as possibly part of her coaching program.  There could be a charge for that access so you still may want to take some good notes.

Wendy Pineda
Online Marketing and Social Media Expert
Creator, Get Your Local Buzz…
Founder, VisualWork Innovation
Phone: (888) 530-1030

Get Your Local Buzz
Viral Element 

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What you will learn – the expanded detail version

  • Education in online marketing
  • Social media for small businesses
  • Techniques to recover and grow your business
  • 1-Day Free Training Class

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Call Dan Ringwald 805-967-6595 with any questions
I look forward to seeing you at our all day class!

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