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Wendy Pineda – Online Marketing and Social Media – 12 month Coaching Program

Wendy Pineda
Online Marketing and Social Media Expert
Creator, Get Your Local Buzz…
Founder, VisualWork Innovation
Phone: (888) 530-1030

Get Your Local Buzz
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It’s time to Get your Local Buzz at a discount! 

I would like to thank those of you that attended Wendy Pineda’s all day class last Saturday 4-14-12.  You had the opportunity to see firsthand, and for free, a lot of the detailed work and breakthrough strategies Wendy uses to rise to the top of Google rankings through Online Marketing and Social Media.  You watched her analyze and critique some of our student members actual business web sites to show what other companies should have done and failed to perform.  She showed you what she would have done to make a huge difference in your marketing for generating more income.

As you know from the class Online Marketing and Social Media is evolving quickly and will continue to change which will require some serious commitment if you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, or at the very least generate more income than it currently is.

On May 1st 2012 Wendy will open the doors to her 12 month Coaching Program for Online Marketing and Social Media and the cost will be $999.00.  Wendy said she will give our SBREIA members 3 days to decide if they want in her 12 month Coaching Program for a discounted price of only $499.  This offer end on April 17th at 6pm.  She is giving this price break for a couple of reasons, yours truly has been working his butt off to make her life easy when dealing with our REIA and keep her happy.  She is happy and she likes us.  This is also a new program of hers which, as mentioned, she is opening the doors on May 1st, 2012 so she currently does not have a slick marketing campaign ready to show all the polished details one would expect to see.  She will on May 1st, 2012.

Here is the unpolished version in a simple email.

What Wendy Pineda is offering you now:
A 12 month coaching program for Online Marketing and Social Media
A 50% discounted price of $499 for the 12 months
Email support with a response in 24 to 48 hours
Emergency one on one coaching on the phone, rarely need, at $100 per hour
Access to training videos on line including the video of our recent class
Attend her one day trainings as many times as you like during the 12 months for FREE

If you did not attend her Saturday 4-14-12 all day class it’s unlikely you would understand the value she is offering here.  If you watched the 2 hour video briefing from our 2-23-12 Meeting – YouTube Videos now online, you will have a better understanding but nothing like the all-day class.  You can still sign up for the coaching even if you didn’t take the all-day class but you must be an SBREIA member for this discount.

I have signed up for Wendy’s 12 month coaching program and I know there will be a number of SBREIA members who attended the class that will sign up too.

Again you only get this discounted price if you sign up before April 17th at 6pm.  So how do you sign up? Just email or call me, Dan Ringwald, 805-967-6595 before April 17th at 6pm and I’ll make sure you get into her 12 month coaching program with the discounted price of $499.  It’s that easy!

Thank you for those that attended this class.  You had some great questions, were very committed to your business by getting the Marketing education, and did a great job with the RSVP and paying in advance.  In fact the only people that showed up were the 23 people that paid in advance.  All those that RSVP and did not pay in advance, 14 people, did not show up.  That says something about having some skin in the game and be committed to your business.

I look forward to working with and supporting those that sign up for Wendy’s coaching program.  I know personally it will help me focus my priorities on the areas of my businesses that have the most potential for generating income and marketing is key for any business.  Thank you Wendy.

You have 2 days left! Email or call me, Dan Ringwald, 805-967-6595 before April 17th at 6pm and let’s get started.

Thank you.

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