Sensei Gilliland – How to Build a Rental Retirement Plan

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When: Saturday, February 29, 2020 – 1 pm to 4 pm
Where: Courtyard Marriott  – 805-968-0500
401 Storke Road  Goleta  California  93117 – Google Map
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2:00pm – 4:00pm – Sensei Gilliland –   (951) 280-1900

We are proud to have Sensei Gilliland back to educate us on Real Estate investing as he is constantly updating his information through his hands on experience bringing us the best of what can be accomplished given the current market conditions.

How to Build a Rental Retirement Plan


Learn the Benefits and Best Practices for Building Cash and Wealth with Rental Properties

Join  Black Belt Investors very own Sensei Gilliland for an Information Packed Workshop for Finding and Securing Financial Empowerment through Rental Property Investing


  • How to create more wealth, swiftly and sustainably
  • How to Maximize gains and safety
  • The benefits of income property investing
  • The 20/30 Plan
  • 6 ways to get the money to invest in rentals
  • Choosing the right rentals
  • How to know your numbers
  • Picking the best locations
  • Building a professional team
  • Creative ways to invest in rental properties
  • Where Sensei is investing now!
  • Where to find resources to help you
  • And walk away with a 5 Year Rental Retirement Plan

Join us in person, and discover how to enhance your investment returns, and beef up your wealth with smart rental property investments…

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