Scam Report and AI Support

Scam Report – A good place look before you leap!

As of 2024 it appears the Scams are increasing not decreasing.  If all governments take us to a Cashless Society it could get worse before it gets better.  I have always said, “You will know when the internet is safe we all use it to vote for our next president.”  No business, especially the banks, want to admit how much they are getting scammed.

Here are a couple of other places you should be doing your fact checking to insure you are not getting scammed.  While you are at it I highly recommend you use AI as much as you can, now and into the future, before paying any consultants for anything.  You will probably get much better answers and get scammed less. Not that all consultants are all bad, but you have to start asking questions someplace and AI for free is about as good as it gets for now.

Google AI – Gemini
Microsoft AI – Copilot