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When: Saturday, October 18th, 2014, from 1 pm to 4 pm
Where: Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort – 805-564-4333
633 East Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Map location on the 3rd floor in the Fiesta Room and Patio
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1:00pm – 1:30pm – Complimentary Wine, Food, Networking 3rd floor Fiesta Room

1:30pm – 1:45pm – Vendor and Members

  • Linda Pliagas – 310-499-9545 – Founder –
  • TBA – Members Speak Up!  Tell us about your Deals and Business!

1:30pm – 2:00pm – Dan Ringwald – 805-967-6595 – SBREIA Founder


Dan Ringwald will cover some of the following below as seen on YouTube Video

  • SBREIA – Introducing Vendors and Members
  • NHB LLC – Video – Investing, Locators, Tenants, & Properties For Sale
  • Social Zing – Social Media Marketing – Don’t miss this opportunity!
  • Tax This – Scott Estill and Stephanie Long

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Roberta Eastman & Keith Boley – 


We are happy and proud to Keith Boley and Roberta Eastman of REI Wealth Academy educating us on The People Model.

  • Roberta E. Eastman is America’s Leading Business Management Medic for Real Estate Investors
  • 3x best-selling coauthor of Wounded, Survive, Thrive!!!, Ready, Aim, Inspire! and Ready, Aim, Influence! which also features Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man.
  • Co-Founder of REI Wealth Academy
  • Bringing 20 years of business leadership, her passion for empowering people to focus and to be fearless in moving forward is at the soul of her relationships.
  • Based on her professional understanding of what gets results united with emotional intelligence she steers people to define and get the results they want.


2:30pm – 4:00pm – Patrick James – Videos – Tax Strategies – 800-217-2703


patrick james 4I am proud to announce our main speaker for this month, Patrick James, who is speaking on the behalf of Scott Estile.  Patrick was the speaker who a number of years ago lead me to my Tax Preparer Scott Estile.  Scott wrote the book Tax This.  I am very happy with Scott Estile and know that Patrick is a great speaker with a lot of very important Tax information through his own company that will be of great benefit for all of us.

Patrick James, president and CEO of United States Tax Releif, LLC.  He has dedicated his entire career to helping people create and preserve wealth through knowledge.  His marketing expertise was instrumental in launching a tax reduction program with Scott Estill, a former senior trial attorney for the IRS and Anderson Advisors.  Together, they created a tax team to teach people how to take advantage of every possible tax deduction in order to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax deductions.  Patrick is a graduate of the University of Portland.  In 1997, he became president of a national speaking firm, which specialized in financial education. Patrick has spoken at conferences with Donald Trump, Alan Greenspan, Magic Johnson, Colin Powell and many others.  He been a guest on more than 100 radio and television talk shows and has been featured in Newsweek and It’sYour Money (a New York Times best-seller).  He was also the recipient of the BusinessMan of the Year 2002.  

Patrick James will cover some of the follow below.

  • How to become 100% AUDIT PROOF!! 99 Ways to beat the IRS with a 3-Year Review Receive THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS back from the IRS that you accidentally donated over the past 3 years
  • How to Track Your Expenses & Mileage Start giving your Tax Preparer the CORRECT information – This means more tax deductions and more $$ in your pocket!
  • Learn how to Categorize your expenses the RIGHT way! Save 50% (or more) on your taxes EVERY year – FOREVER
  • It’s your money, not the IRS – Only pay what you legally owe and not one penny more! 

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SBREIA Vendor Tables

We usually have about 4 or 5 vendor tables for vendors to display their business information and meet and greet out members to share their business services.  Vendor tables are $50 each and are about 4′ x 6′ provided by Fess Parker. If you would like to promote your business at a vendor table please can Dan Ringwald at 805-967-6595 to reserve your table before they sell out.  If you are wondering what the Fiesta room and vendor tables look like please see our pictures from our past SBREIA Meetings

The first half hour of our meetings are for our members to network with each other and see what investments strategies are working and what are not. Don’t forget to bring your business cards and any handouts you would like to promote and your list of very important questions.

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Going to this meeting?  Please RSVP Here or at Meetup