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Education and Networking – For the Local Community and Beyond

Contest for Guests – Each meeting we have a Contest for Guests to see who brings the most Guests and the winner takes home the prize!  You can always get into our meetings FREE if this is your first time or if you bring a First Time Guest.  If you bring the most First Time Guests you win our Contest for Guests.  You also get some video advertising, who you are, and what services you have to offer, as seen below.  Why do we do Contest for Guests? It helps us increase the number of people attending which means more networking opportunities.  Real Estate Investing is not a solo fishing adventure, it’s a team sport!  Building Relationships and learning how to Motivate People is the key to success.  Contest for Guests is an easy place to increase your skills and build your network, and win some fun gifts like the Google Home!

Contest For Guests – SBREIA Meeting 2-24-18 – Allyson Edwards – won a Google Home for bringing the most guests to our meeting. This is your opportunity to promote yourself, your business, bring your guests, and win a prize!

Contest For Guests – SBREIA Meeting 10-28-17 – Gary Geist – won a Google Home for bringing the most guests to our meeting, 1 Guest.  As you can see there is not much competition with the winner only bringing 1 guest.  This is also an opportunity to generate some free advertising for your business because you will be on this site and you YouTube video will be up here for a long time as we add more winners. Will you be our next Contest for Guests Winner ?

Contest For Guests – SBREIA Meeting 8-26-17 – Marilyn Weixel – won a Google Home for bringing the most guests to our meeting, 3 Guests.  Will you be our next Contest for Guests Winner ?

RSVP FREE – at Meetup – register here even if you have to pay at our link below.  This will help build your networking.  If this is your first time at one of our meetings it’s FREE.  If you have been to one of our meetings in the past, we will have you on our list, which means you will have to pay at our link below.  You can always get in free if you bring a first time guest with you, you both get in free.

RSVP Purchase –  at in advance for $10 or $20 same day or at the door same day.

Problems Registering – Call or Text Dan Ringwald – 805-242-3004 any time – Missed a meeting ? All meetings are online all the time !

Videos are great but you can’t network and you can’t ask those all important questions.  You also might miss out on one or two day training’s because they filled up at the meeting or you don’t know about the training because you weren’t at the meeting. – to be an SBREIA Member, which is also FREE.  If you are not currently a SBREIA Meetup Member please look to the upper right side of this page and click on Join us!  Fill out your profile and then RSVP for meetings.  Meetup does not give us access to your phone number and email address.

This will help expand your ability to network with other members.  Meetup is FREE for members and it will help promote your business by expanding the details of your profile so other members can learn more about you and what services you have to offer.  That also means you will have more information on other Meetup members to see what services they have to offer.  It will also help you see other Meetup groups you might be interested in.  Put up your picture and promote your business.  That’s why we are here, let’s network!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings!